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    Announcement of Introduction of iSystems’s New Brand Identity

    We are excited to announce the launch of the new iSystems Security Limited website and brand identity.


    New Brand Identity


    We are proud to announce the launch of the new company logo and brand identity as part of the ongoing development of our company in the Information Security Services. We have grown and evolved over the years, and we have refreshed our look to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our future. We analyzed our values as an organization and created a brand identity that reflects those values.


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    iSystems named Caring Company

    iSystems Security Limited has been awarded the title of “2018/2019 Caring Company” by the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, recognizing our contribution to the society and outstanding performance in corporate social responsibility during the past year.


    Besides actively participating in and supporting various charity activities, our company’s volunteer teams provide services to the needy across the boundaries. These help build a harmonious society and promote the vision of love.


  • Are Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions Equally Secure?
    Are Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Solutions Equally Secure?

    Happy Beginning

    US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) tells us that stopping all online crime is not a realistic goal, but simple steps can massively reduce the likelihood you’ll be the next victim. It’s simple: turn on MFA today! [1]


  • How Easy Can Someone Know Where You Are Through Your Phone?
    How Easy Can Someone Know Where You Are Through Your Phone?

    Mobile Network Standard That Affects Us All

    Because many of us have smartphones, the target on our backs is bigger than ever. Hackers, even nation states, are targeting smartphones to tap into cameras and microphones, but crucially and most of all, your data including your geo-location data.

  • Digital Forensics 2.0
    Digital Forensics 2.0

    Changing World, Changing Way

    As today’s cyber space continues to evolve, so must the way we conduct cyber investigations. Sources of evidence are growing rapidly. For those who fail to keep up, collecting and authenticating evidence during a cyber investigation will prove to be a difficult task. For those with a clear understanding of how to leverage advances in technology and the wealth of information available online, the evidence collected during a cyber investigation can help create a solid court case.