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risk managementWhile many look at technology solutions protecting information and systems, what our team aims for is a risk management plan that links all of the current security measures with those proposed, to form a single, consistent working security model of the enterprise. It will identify all key information technology assets, the perceived threats to each, and provide assessment based on probability and risk.


As most firms have employed information technology throughout their enterprise, a true risk management program must employ security measures at key access points, in key business units, in critical processes, within the enterprise.

Uniquely, our risk management programs are not rigid off-the-shelf templates applying to fit all clients, but we customize risk management programs that cater for local variations within business units, and still impose the strict level of control sought by the board.


Different units use different types of data, others are more exposed to the Internet, others handle sensitive information, and yet others may do all their workflow remotely.


Only a security firm with expert knowledge in relevant industries can devise a risk management plan that is comprehensive, and iSystems with extensive industry experience can execute with the in-depth knowledge in risk management.