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iSystems is an expert of IT leakage prevention and data security solutions to help prevent your IT system from cyberattacks and protect your valuable assets. Consult our experts about SRAA and Penetration Testing today.

Data security solutions and data leakage prevention ensuring business data security

Data security solutions and data leakage prevention is a part of the strategies that are employed by the businesses to ensure that their sensitive data stay secure and away from malicious threats. It makes sure that the confidential data stay secured within the corporate network.

What iSystems offers?

iSystems offers data security solutions and data leakage prevention services for its clients. These days, no business is invulnerable to cyber-attacks. iSystems helps in identifying susceptibilities, protect data from breach or leakage, detect cyber threats, come up with an effective plan, and recover with right remedial plans.

Data leakage prevention tools and data security solutions are intended to continuously monitor and clean data in real-time. Along with the handling of how data is used, stored, and transferred inside the corporate network, data loss prevention tools also ensure that no harmful elements from outside data are coming into the company network. The main purpose of data loss prevention solutions is to protect your company’s sensitive information from any type of threat from an outside or inside source of the company.

Here are a few reasons why data security solutions and data leakage prevention is absolutely necessary for businesses of all sizes:

1. Cyberattacks and online threats are increasing at a faster rate

Business organizations always take data theft and loss very seriously and try to take the right steps to avoid them. Nevertheless, hackers keep advancing their techniques every day and find innovative ways to access networks and steal data. Everyday companies have to face increasing pressure to continue looking for new cyber threats.

2. Threats from inside the company

Sometimes resentful employees who have access to your confidential data can deliberately leak or damage your data to harm the company’s financial standing and reputation. They might do it themselves and hire someone from outside to attack your data. Since they have access to sensitive data, the attack might prove to be more hazardous than someone attacking from outside the company.

3. Unintentional sharing of information

The person sharing the information about your company might not intend to harm the company or pose any kind of threat to the company’s data. They might just be prey to social engineering. In this, the attacker keeps a close eye on the target and then use their tactics to steal the data. First, the attackers do an in-depth study of the victim and make them a part of their plans, without them knowing about it. The victim doesn’t even realize it that they are being used and they accidentally reveal the confidential information to the attacker. Also, sometimes the employees of a company use their own device to do office work and attackers can get the data from there.

4. Cloud storage solutions used by employees

When employees use their own devices to do their office work, many times, they also use their personal storage device or services like Google Drive and other storage platforms to store the data of the company. The main problem is that the information is stored outside the company sources, on another network and infrastructure, especially when it should not get out of the company network and infrastructure. It increases the chances of data theft and leakage, which makes it all the more important to hire data protection services.

The said employee might not know about the data protection protocols and store the information outside the company infrastructure. It is the company’s responsibility to have tight network security measures in place to make sure that the employees have the right approvals and permissions to access the data.

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Nowadays, no business is immune from a potential Cyber Attack. It is no longer a question of if your organization will be attacked. It is a question of when. iSystems will be your Reliable IT Security Partner helping you to prevent from cyberattacks and protect your valuable assets. We IDENTIFY Vulnerabilities, PROTECT Data Security, DETECT Cyber Threats, RESPOND with a Plan, RECOVER with Remediation.

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