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IT Security Services

Wifi Security and Mobile App Risk Assessment Services

iSystems IT security services include wifi security and mobile app risk assessment. Investigate cyberattacks and other potential risks, protect your web & mobile applications and network infrastructure.

Wi-Fi security and mobile app risk assessment services

There is no better way to secure your computer and other devices than using Wifi security measures. Similarly, if you are not sure if your mobile app is safe and protected, maybe it is time to consider mobile app risk assessment. Going wireless generally includes attaching an internet access point such as a cable or DSL modem to a wireless router. It sends a signal through the air, sometimes to the extent of many hundred feet. Any device that is within the range of Wi-Fi can catch the signal from the air and access the internet.

Unless you take some precautions to secure your Wi-Fi and mobile apps against outside threats and vulnerabilities, your devices would always be facing the risk of theft and illicit uses. That means any hacker can access your internet and can steal information from your device. Your confidential data or personal data would always be at risk and might even be used for malicious purposes.

Why iSystems

iSystems provide WiFi security and mobile app risk assessment services. Their ultimate goal is to create a safe environment for their users, whether they are using WiFi or mobile apps. Here are a few benefits that you can enjoy when you apply wifi and mobile app security and risk assessment:

1) Helps in avoiding the unwanted parties and incidents

If your Wi-Fi network is secured, then you can avoid someone else using your bandwidth without you knowing about it. You can prevent hackers from getting access to the internet that connects all your devices. Similarly, performing the risk assessment for your mobile apps will make sure that your app works smoothly and if there is any chance of issues occurring in the future, you can take steps in advance to ensure that it doesn’t happen. It would help you in preventing the downgrading of your Wi-Fi network and mobile apps.

2) Helps in avoiding responsibility for other people’s actions

No matter why the hacker is using your network, they are very good at covering their computer’s forensic signature. Whether it is to download pirated movies, attacking government websites, hacking personal banking accounts, or any other illegal purpose, the investigation would lead the authorities to your organization’s IP address. Cybercriminals particularly look for unsecured networks on which they could perform their dirty work. While you might prove your innocence eventually, the whole investigation process can be taxing.

Furthermore, weak Wi-Fi network security means data breaches through mobile applications. Data leaks because of unsecured Wi-Fi networks, poor cryptography, or other susceptibilities can affect your app security. Thus mobile app risk assessment and Wi-Fi security become all the more important.

3) Uninterrupted operations

Any problems with your Wi-Fi network, from minor threats to some severe issues, when hackers target your network, it also affects your organization’s operations. Depending on the nature of your organization, it can result in losses, reduced productivity, and more. As Wi-Fi networking becomes an essential part of your organizational operations, a protected wireless network is crucial to safeguard unfailingly productive and competent operations. Thus Wi-Fi security becomes vital.

Along with that, with mobile app risk assessment, you would be able to identify the faults in designs and advance the security of your application at the development stage. It would improve productivity and decrease the app’s downtime. Ultimately it is a great way to eliminate the risks that your app might face in the future. Ultimately, it would make the app more secure and users’ data would stay safe and their confidence in your app would increase as well.

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Security Risk Assessment & Audit (SRAA)

  • Assess the operational processes, technical controls and management governance of the customers and provide pragmatic remediation
  • Review the customers' risk management practices and help them achieve necessary security measures

Blockchain Assessment

  • Review Blockchain system design
  • Identify security vulnerabilities in Blockchain platform

IoT Assessment

  • Assess IoT platform and security design
  • Identify potential security vulnerabilities in IoT system

Privacy Impact Assessment

  • Assists organizations in identifying and minimizing the privacy risk of new projects or policies
  • Assess the data users that adopts the industry best practices before the launch of any new business initiative or project that might have significant impact on personal data privacy.

Penetration Testing

  • Simulate Cyberattack, identify, manage & reduce risks of cyber attacks & data loss
  • Perform penetration test on system, infrastructure, network, web and mobile application with non-intrusive methods based on industry best practice.
  • Penetration Test can identify network and application vulnerabilities before they turn into real threats to your corporate security.

Cyber Incident Response (CIR)

  • iSystems offers complete incident response services including crisis management, privacy advisory, forensic analysis and investigations.
  • iSystems’s CIR team can investigate the root cause of the incident efficiently and recover our customers’ IT and business operations effectively from cyber incident.

Digital Forensics Investigation

  • Cyber incidents happen, victim will report to the law enforcement, however they require the digital evidence. Digital Forensics can help in the recovery and investigation of evidence on digital media and networks.
  • Our forensics experts provide services on Computer Forensics, Mobile Forensics, Social Media Forensics, eMail Forensics, Database Forensics, Network Forensics, etc.
  • Provide Forensics & Investigation Support for Court Litigation cases, be Forensic Expert Witness in the court.

IT Security Monitoring Services

  • iSystems provides 7x24 IT monitoring services to customers